My Story

I became a lawyer because I’ve always cared about protecting people and sticking up for those who need help. I like the fact that the law can prevent people being taken advantage of and it provides remedies when that does happen.

I also like that, for the most part, disputes can be resolved without going to court. I’d always rather work things out as fairly and amicably as possible. Of course, sometimes I do find myself in court but for me, that’s the last resort. The cost and the conflict are rarely worth it.

My happy place

After more than three decades practising in succession law and family law, I am in that happy place where I can draw on vast resources of accumulated knowledge and experience. I really know what I’m doing and I deeply enjoy being in that ‘zone of genius’ where my expertise creates lasting certainty and comfort for my clients.

The best possible outcomes

Even after all this time, I’m curious about people and passionate about protecting their interests. I love the challenge of doing my work extremely well, so that my clients are able to make the best possible decisions and get the best possible outcomes.

A potent combination

The combination of succession law and family law is a potent one. Family law is often about unravelling things and getting the best outcome for the person I’m representing. Succession law is often about planning to protect against the unravelling that comes with divorce and disputes, so that assets are protected to the best extent possible for the long term.

My experience in these intertwined areas of law means I can look at your situation from both those perspectives and advise you for now and for the future. I also bring strong commercial acumen, built upon many years helping to ensure that enterprises remain strong and viable through times of change.

Michele receives her certificate marking 25 years of service as an Accredited Family Law Specialist from the Honourable Catherine Holmes AC SC, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Michele appearing on an expert panel at the Queensland Law Society 2020 Symposium.