Estate planning

Preliminary advice

An enTrust lawyer will meet with you (and your business advisors, if you wish) to obtain an understanding of what is important to you and your family - your main concerns and objectives.

Prior to the meeting we will send you a questionnaire to complete and send to us for our review before the meeting.

We will review generally all of your current arrangements including business, investment, insurance and superannuation.

After the meeting you will receive a written proposal outlining the next steps you should consider taking, time frame and cost.

Drafting and execution of will

Following on from our preliminary advice, enTrust can organise an appropriate will for you which will normally include standard directions as to executors, your funeral and burial arrangements, guardianship, bequests and special issues relevant to your family.

Where a testamentary discretionary trust is being created, decisions will be made as to the type of trust needed and any special terms required. We will customise the terms of the trust to suit your family's circumstances.

Should you wish to we can document an expression of wishes to guide your trustees about the proposed operation of the trust.

We will advise you on the appropriateness of contracting to make a will (known as a mutual will) with your spouse and any other person.

Review of business documents

We will advise you if any of your business documents, for example, partnership, company, or trust documents, need to be amended to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Court will

We can advise you and if necessary, assist you to make an application for a Court made will for a family member with a disability or a child.

Family Agreement

We can help you with Family Agreements (including a Binding Financial Agreement under the Family Law Act which can be made before or during a relationship or after a relationship has ended) to attempt to protect family assets from estate claims after death.


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