Estate Administration


On the death of a family member, enTrust will review your family member's will and associated documents and meet with the executors of the will to advise them of their duties and obligations, relevant time limits and other considerations in relation to the administration of the estate.

We will provide written advice confirming the details of our meeting.

We can also advise about the meaning of uncertain clauses and/or the meaning of the will as a whole.


We can manage the administration of your family member's estate including:

  • developing an administration plan
  • corresponding with beneficiaries
  • closure of bank accounts
  • transfer of shareholdings
  • transmission of land holdings
  • record of death
  • preparing estate accounts; and
  • organising the final distribution.

Beneficiary review

Where we are not acting for the personal representative of an estate we can review proposed estate distributions for a beneficiary and confirm that the distribution is correct.

Will disputes

enTrust can assist you to make an application to the Court:

  • disputing a will maker's capacity to make a will
  • disputing a will maker's knowledge and approval of a will
  • asserting that the will maker was under duress when making the will
  • claiming provision from the will maker's estate when no or inadequate provision has been made for you or your children
  • claiming an entitlement to estate property under contract or equitable principles.

We will generally investigate the circumstances surrounding the preparation of the will, lodge a caveat and commence or defend Court proceedings on your behalf.

We can also provide negotiation and mediation services to you.

Litigation guardian

enTrust can apply to the Court to be appointed as a litigation guardian to protect the interests of family members with a disability or children.


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